Program Overview

Not able to commit to full-time? No problem. The part-time bootcamp is also just 12 weeks long. During this time, students will be able to create Web Applications using the latest technologies: Express, MongoDB, Mongoose and React. By the end of the program, students will have acquired a strong understanding of JavaScript. The schedule is flexible: one week full-time intro, class in the evenings and on Fridays (and some Saturdays) for the 10 weeks in between, finishing up with one week full-time outro for the project.

1 Week Intro Propulsion

10 Weeks

Day Job Day Job Day Job Day Job Propulsion Propulsion
2 times/
Day Job
See a movie
Go out
Evening Evening Evening Evening Evening Evening Evening
Work on Projects Propulsion remote Propulsion remote Work on Projects Sleep early! Sleep early! Sleep early!

1 Week Outro Propulsion

Curriculum by Week

1 Fundamentals of programming and OOP with the new Javascript ES6 On site + full-time
2 How CSS works and cloning a popular website Remote + part-time
3 Javascript in the browser to add interactivity to your HTML Remote + part-time
4 Basics of networking: make your website interact with the server in the background while the user navigates through your website Remote + part-time
5 Advanced UI animations combining JS and CSS at the same time Remote + part-time
6 Node.js and how testing works: testing is one of the most unknown concepts for non-developers and the most important one for developers Remote + part-time
7 Build your first server with Node.js and Express Remote + part-time
8 Improve your server to persist data and interact with your client Remote + part-time
9 Basics of Databases and how to use them to persist data in the server Remote + part-time
10 Implement your first Single Page Application using React Remote + part-time
11 Advanced Single Page Application using React and Redux Remote + part-time
12 Build your personal project On site + full-time

upcoming dates

Full-Stack Part-Time

From: January 15, 2018
To: April 6, 2018
Duration: Part-Time (3 months)
Days/week: 3 + 2 Saturdays/month
Location: remote + on campus
Tuition: CHF 10 000

class structure and campus life

Instructors and Teaching Assistants

Our instructors are really special people. Not only do they have professional experience and are masters in their respective subjects, but most importantly, they love to teach. Expect to have a variety of instructors throughout the duration of the program, with many taking a break from their day-jobs in a start-up or multi-national corporation. They are there to learn from you as much as you will learn from them. The Teaching Assistants stay with you the entire length of the course and team up with the instructors to provide you with the necessary guidance to reach the finish line.


Announcing new scholarships for full
and part-time programs:

Full-Stack Immersive

“Your next job: software developer” scholarship,
CHF 5,000 of tuition!