As a full-stack web developer, you will be an integral part of an organization’s technology operations. From front to back-end development, you will work with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java and everything in between. Due to its dominance in the market place, the programming language used for this course will be Java. We believe that if you start with the ambitious stuff first, you are better prepared to branch out to other technologies used by the industry that require less time and effort to grasp.


Dive into front-end programming and learn core principles of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and how to master popular front end frameworks.
Introduction to object oriented programming concepts, terminology, and syntax, and the steps required to create Java programs. Learn more about frameworks for the Java platform, practice with test driven development and understand how to use back end databases.
Time to learn software quality and coding best practices. Develop a portfolio of projects with your team using collaboration tools and agile development concepts.
Bring your project together with front-end, back-end databases, testing and bug fixing.

Instructors and Teaching Assistants

Our instructors are really special people. Not only do they have professional experience and are masters in their respective subjects, but most importantly, they love to teach. They are there to learn from you as much as you will learn from them. The Teaching Assistants stay with you the entire length of the course and team up with the instructors to provide you with the necessary guidance to reach the finish line.

Sam Brannen

Java and Back-End Development

Sam is an enterprise Java developer with over 17 years of experience and co-founder of Swiftmind, a software consulting agency in Zurich, Switzerland. At Swiftmind Sam helps international clients achieve best practices in software development, architecture, design, implementation, and testing of enterprise Java applications using the Spring Framework, JUnit, and a plethora of open source technologies. Sam is a popular speaker at conferences on Java and Spring. He is also an active core committer for the Spring Framework and JUnit 5 as well as the author and maintainer of Spring’s testing framework.

Llorenç Muntaner

Front-End Development

Llorenç was a Venture Capital analyst before he discovered coding. He then attended App Academy Development Bootcamp in San Francisco and became a full time developer. Apart from his job as a developer, he has been teaching and mentoring students in several coding bootcamps in Barcelona. He is currently in love with React and Redux.

Upcoming Dates

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