Data Science has become a popular occupation with Harvard Business Review dubbing it “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” and McKinsey & Company projecting a global excess demand of 1.5 million new data scientists. This track teaches you the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct sophisticated and systematic analyses of data using the industry’s most adopted programming paradigms, the R and Python languages.


Calculus, Linear Algebra, Introduction to Statistics, introduction to Python and R, and set of corresponding exercises.
Data Science Toolkit and Data Munging with Python, Statistical and Experimental Design Techniques using R.
The core of the program: Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Natural Language Processing.

Deep Learning/Neural Networks: Image segmentation, autoencoder, TensorFlow and Keras.

Hands-on “Capstone” Data Science project under the supervision of tutors and business leaders across different industries.
CV-building, interview skills, mock interviews, job search strategy, presentation skills and communication.

Instructors and Teaching Assistants

Our instructors are really special people. Not only do they have professional experience and are masters in their respective subjects, but most importantly, they love to teach. They are there to learn from you as much as you will learn from them. The Teaching Assistants stay with you the entire length of the course and team up with the instructors to provide you with the necessary guidance to reach the finish line.

Dr. Nicolas Perony


I like to build cool things with data and machine learning, currently on a quest to capture and model what makes human conversation so special. I believe in creating impact through the combination of technology and education.

Eric Weber

Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn

As Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn, I focus on building scalable machine learning models for LinkedIn Sales, specifically within the LinkedIn Learning product. My passion is sharing my work and experience with others to help them become excited about data science!

Dr. Timothy Head

Freelance Data Scientist

I enjoy nothing more than using machine-learning to build assistants to make humans better at doing their job. I believe Data Science is a team sport so it is the perfect opportunity to learn from and teach others.

Sekhar Ramakrishnan

Freelance Data Scientist

I love making data speak. Visualizations combine programming and art, logic and aesthetics, to help data communicate; it is always satisfying to guide students through these disparate disciplines to learn to read, appreciate, and design their own visualizations.

Cesar Ilharco

Research & Machine Intelligence at Google

I’m curious and I enjoy exploration: have yet to live in a city for more than 5 years. I studied Applied Math and CS, did a few software engineering internships and I’ve been exploiting this domain working on question answering at Google Research & Machine Intelligence.

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